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Oakland/San Francisco Insurance Lawyers

Yaron & Associates is a firm committed to providing the best possible work product, obtaining the best possible result, for the best possible value to our clients. Nothing less is acceptable.

In today’s business and legal climate, the ability to take quick, decisive action is more important than ever. Clients chose Yaron & Associates because they know they can rely on our attorneys to get their problem resolved in the most sensible way, with the most advantageous result for them.

Yaron & Associates is a law firm of exceptionally knowledgeable counselors and creative trial advocates who place solving our client’s problem at the forefront of everything we do. Our attorneys take a proactive approach to problem solving, and our constant vigilance for better, alternative solutions often places us in a leadership role in disputes that involve many conflicting parties and viewpoints.

While we maintain an unparalleled understanding of the legal precedents that may apply to our clients’ cases, we don’t let ourselves be distracted by convention. At Yaron & Associates, we know that the old way of doing things inevitably leads to the old way of doing things; but new problems often cannot be solved with the same old solutions. We look to appellate decisions and precedents as the beginning of the problem solving process, not the end.

Our AV-Rated and Best’s Recommended attorneys provide advice and counsel on both litigation and transactional matters in the areas of insurance coverage, insurance litigation, toxic torts, construction defects, product liability, industrial accidents, trucking accidents, personal injury and aviation litigation. Our experienced trial attorneys are sought out by insurance companies, corporations, policyholders and others who appreciate our superior service, and rational pricing.

At Yaron & Associates, we stand behind our advice. We believe that when it comes to our clients, there is no room for error and no room for miscalculation, verbal puffery or anything other than the exact right answer.

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